Why Does Bitcoin Value Have such High Fluctuations ...

A brief history of Bitcoin value fluctuations (or, Why you shouldn't worry about the current decline in price) /r/Bitcoin

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Gold vs. Bitcoin: value fluctuations. /r/Bitcoin

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Gold vs. Bitcoin: value fluctuations.

Been watching gold for a while. To all the poeple that love gold and don't like bitcoin because of the value changes, Gold's value changes sometimes more than 40$ in on day, and often 10-20$ in a single day. So there.
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I’m not an expert. But, Watching the Bitcoin value fluctuate can get you crazy!

So Is it because I’m crazy,
A few week ago Storm volume raise up to 2billons (normally 50 millions or less). After you see Bitcoin value falling. Now Tron volume up to 1.5billions so now bitcoin continue Is falling?
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Im not an expert. But, Watching the Bitcoin value fluctuate can get you crazy! /r/Bitcoin

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ELI5: Why does Bitcoin's value fluctuate so much? Why don't other currencies do this?

Over the past few years, the value of USD, CAD, EUR hasn't changed much, but the value of BTC has gone up and down, from 0.01 USD to over 1000. Why does Bitcoin seem to be the only currency that does this, and why does it happen?
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Why Does Bitcoin's Value Fluctuate So Much?

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Will the physical Bitcoin value ever fluctuate with real world value?

Random thought, probably not needed, but a fun addition, if the bitcoin value fluctuated in line with its real world value.
For added realism make it so that the traders crash if too many people are trying to buy or sell bitcoins.
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Coin Café endorsement and small warning

I got hit with ransomware back in 2015. Used Coin Café to buy $500 (yes I paid - wearing a paper bag over my head) in bitcoin. Of course, I bought a few dollars over because bitcoin value fluctuated somewhat. After the pain of this, I didn't want to have anything to do with it anymore and abandoned the account.
Well, a few months ago, I started getting emails from Coin Café saying that I had to log in at least once a year to keep the account open. I ignored the first couple, then said what the heck - I knew the email address because of which of my email addresses it was sent to. Did Forgot Password bit and got into my account. Those couple of dollars over were now about $1400!
I had to go through an extensive account validation process before I could do any more that just look at the account - email front and back of my driver's license, email photo of me holding the license, email recent bank statement and utility bill, etc. Finally, I was able to sell the bitcoin and transfer the balance to my bank account:)
Coin Café really went the second mile holding my account for so long and pestering me to log in to keep it open. These are really honest people - a less scrupulous outfit could have just done nothing and kept the money. Big endorsement of them.
The small warning is this - they required extensive documentation to validate the account, as they should have. However, that means that they have all this extensive documentation which, in the wrong hands, could let a hacker open accounts in my name or even take over an existing account. I believe that they have top flight security, but so did {insert company of your choice} when they got hacked. So always be mindful of security - freezing credit bureaus, two factor authentication, complex passwords, etc., and always monitor your accounts.
Once again, thanks Coin Café.
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What happens to online prices when the value of Bitcoin fluctuates?

I know this is a very stupid question but I am completely new to the field of cryptocurrencies and this has been holding me off from getting a few coins for myself.

Let's say a service costs me 0.001 Bitcoin a year and the value of 1 BTC doubles/halves over night. Do these prices adjust immediately for the service? I mean in case they do not adjust I'd be paying twice as much for the same thing as before right?
How does this really work?

Again I am sorry for the noobish stupid question but this has been bogging me for a long time.

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If the value of Bitcoin is in the payment network, then huge short-term fluctuations in price don't matter too much.

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If I transfer my bitcoins from the exchange to my wallet will the value still fluctuate with the price of the coin?

Hi, I’m fairly new to trading crypto but I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. This is most likely a silly question and I appreciate that but would anyone be able to tell me that if I transfer my coins from the exchange to my wallet, will the value keep fluctuating with the price of the coin or will the amount I have stay the same as the value which I withdrew it as? Thanks
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[Need advice] I have 1 BTC. What are my options?

I guess many of you guys are experienced with bitcoin than I ever will be. Since I'm a noob with bitcoin, can you advise me about what I can do with the fortune of 1 BTC that I have?
So I earned 1 bitcoin. I guess my options are:
The first time I heard about bitcoin, back in 2013 (?) it was only ~ $120, few months ago it was around $320 and it's value is around $450. Which makes me wonder about the second option..
Is there any other options I have with this bitcoin that could benefit me financially?
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Question: Should I use Bitcoin as regular currency?

I'm thinking about it since Bitcoin value fluctuates so if I have around 100$ in my wallet, and the Bitcoin value is down, would I have less?
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How is accepting bitcoin NOT worth it?

Sometimes I see posts asking whether it's worth it for a company to accept bitcoin. As the developer of a small open source app that accepts bitcoin donations, I reverse the question and ask: How is it NOT worth it? Implementing is quite simple to the degree of how much work you want to put into it (from implementing a pay service to just supplying a simple Qaddress) and it's free. Often the only cost would be your own time implementing it. And if you're not in bitcoin for investment and not too happy about bitcoin value fluctuations, you can always sell when you reach a level that you feel is uncomfortable holding in bitcoin.
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Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies – How Their Values Fluctuate

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Is selling high and buying low as price fluctuates throughout the day smart?

Would using Gemini to buy and sell around 2k worth of bitcoin throughout the day be worth it? I constantly notice my total bitcoin value fluctuating about 80$ throughout the day. Would it be smart to sell when I notice it at its high and buy when it drops back down?
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stupid Bitcoin question

Take it easy on me...I'm new to both Bitcoin and Reddit
I read through the Bitcoin guide. I set up an account at Coinbase and also opened up a wallet with Breadwallet. I linked my bank account and have a purchase pending. Being impatient, I decided to verify my account and make an instant purchase with my credit card. I purchased $25 worth of Bitcoin and paid a $1 fee. As soon as it was approved, I only had $24.88 in my account. Perhaps I've watched Office Space one too many times, but this left me a bit suspicious. What am I missing here? Also, when I transferred the coin to Breadwallet, I wasn't able to transfer the entire amount. I had to reduce it slightly. It said I was transferring $24.87, but I only received $24.85. Obviously we aren't talking huge sums of money here, literally pennies on the dollar, but can anyone explain this to an idiot/newb? I figured it has to do with Bitcoin values fluctuating, but that doesn't appear to be the case...per their website the value is locked in when you purchase.
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LightningNode wallet value fluctuations? /r/Bitcoin

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@nytimesbusiness: Facebook’s new cryptocurrency, called Libra, will be directly backed by government currencies like the dollar or euro. So unlike Bitcoin, it will not fluctuate in value any more than real-world money. https://t.co/7rQmUxM3of https://t.co/5BoUbloFnT

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LightningNode wallet value fluctuations? /r/Bitcoin

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How can bitcoin be a stable currency if the value fluctuates so much ?

This might be a dumb question but hopefully someone can help me understand better...
How can bitcoin establish itself as a stable currency if the prices go up and down in such big swings. I mean, if you are selling a certain good/service for X bitcoins, you would have to adjust the price every time the value changes. I understand bitcoin can be used as a store of wealth, the same way gold/stocks work. But gold and stocks cannot really be used as currencies... how can bitcoin be BOTH at the same time?
The way I see it, it can either be an investment vehicle where you hope the value will eventually go up, or it's a currency which can hold value steadily and you can make everyday purchases with enough confidence that the bitcoin will hold a consistent value.
Fiat currency deals with inflation, but this is a gradual change and prices can adjust accordingly without much disruption in the markets.
Hopefully someone can enlighten me. Appreciate the input in advance.
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How to Invest in Bitcoin During price Fluctuation and make ... BITCOIN PRICE PREDICTONS:In-Depth Analysis 7/30/2018 bitcoin price analysis:The fluctuation is severe, focus on these points Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash see volatile price fluctuations, local virtual currency exchanges paralyzed 12/18/13 Bitcoin Crazy Price Fluctuation!

The price of bitcoin has been anything but stable since its creation in 2009. But in the past year with new investments and business transactions happening over the blockchain, bitcoin has risen from below $1,000 to its current market cap of nearly $10,500.. Since bitcoin is not attached to any centralized bank or organization, its value is affected in unique ways compared to a traditional stock. Then came the wild price fluctuations. Then it came to the point where no one could really articulate WHAT bitcoin was- aside from settling on it being a ‘store of value’ (again, not unlike ... Why Does Bitcoin Value Have such High Fluctuations? The number of people using Bitcoin is steadily increasing as more excitement builds around the possibility that the currency’s value will soar in the coming years. The enthusiasm surrounding Bitcoin’s adoption is due to the hope that as a store of value, it will yield handsome returns ... Bitcoincharts is the world's leading provider for financial and technical data related to the Bitcoin network. It provides news, markets, price charts and more. The value of Bitcoin is determined solely by market demand. Consequently, it is logical that when demand diminishes, the price goes down. If the demand for Bitcoins increases, the value climbs back up. However, cash out strategies also have an influence on the value. This is when investors sell their Bitcoins on a large scale in order to redeem the value gain in fiat money (for example, before ...

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How to Invest in Bitcoin During price Fluctuation and make ...

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