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Bitcoin Fogger - Lost BTC

Moved BTC into Bitcoin Fogger and then tried to move same BTC to Nightmare Market but failed. Left the BTC in Fogger account overnight and it disappeared. Have tried support but no response, any help?
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[WTB] VW box mods, RDAs, RBAs,

Hello all. Just came into a little money and feel like splurging I'm gonna throw up a list of stuff I'm looking to buy just make me an offer if you see something on the list you're trying to sell. I can send money through paypal or bitcoin
VW Cana box mod, sx350 box mod, raptor box mod, ipv2, hexohm, really open to anything solid that at least does 30w, clones are okay.
RDAs not really looking for anything authentic PlumeVeil clone, Magma clone, Stillare clone, Veritas clone, Infinite CLT
RBAs Kayfun lite plus clone, Kraken clone, fogger v4 clone
let me know what you guys have thanks!
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WTS - Authentic XPV DNA40 w/ TC from Protovapor (Brand New) Mini Velocity RDA, Fishbone RDA. Kayfun Lite/Monster V2 RTA

Hello all, I'll start with the biggest item I have up for sale. It's a 100% fully authentic XPV DNA40 by Protovapor. It's made with the Evolv DNA40D chip. This also has temperature control, so you can build with nickel wire and vape at the temperature you want and never have a burnt hit again.
Here is the link to the store's page for the item
I bought this last year, and you can see on the certificate of authenticity it was purchased Dec. 3rd 2014. The reason it is brand new is because the DNA40 chip inside my original malfunctioned and burned out about 3 weeks ago. I originally thought my battery vented, but when it was sent in for repair Protovapor said it was the chip itself.
So I just got the device back yesterday and they sent me a brand new one because my old one fucked up so bad it was pretty permanently stuck like melted plastic hardcore. I made sure to leave a note with them saying the smell needs to be completely gone. SO they sent a brand new one, new battery and everything.
Here is proof that it is new, not the original, e-mail form Protovapor
With this, you'll have a warranty as well that's valid until Dec. 3rd if something were to go wrong again but I doubt that would happen, I was one of the first people to order one of these and if anyone remember the DNA40D chip had a lot of problems in the beginning malfunctioning like mine did. After 5 or 6 versions they have it right now -_-
Not a big feature but just to mention mine also has the belt clip thing which is pretty nice and comes in handy when needed.
Pics - http://imgur.com/a/U2FS3#0
Now for the price, I'm not quite sure what to ask for it. I purchased it originally for $220 last year. They sell for $160-$180 on there now. I guess I'd like to get $120 for it, seeing as it is brand new now (besides my less than 20 minutes of use to make sure it worked alright), I'm open to offers and trades, vape related or not. Maybe you have a gift card somewhere I could use, or some Steam games I might like. Throw it out there worst I can say is no.


Mini Velocity ($13) http://imgur.com/a/GY8bT#0 Brand new
If you haven't seen the Velocity before, they're worth checking out. Pretty unique deck, 2 posts, but 4 holes (2 positive, 2 negative). So you can be creative and mess around with some new builds and coils Here are a couple just the show you Then there's this build someone made, I never tried to.. but it's absolutely ridiculous and if you're really bored on a rainy day I dare you to try and build this Hell, I'd probably give you 50% off another RDA I have for sale if you build that on one of my Velocities and sent me pics.
Currently I have 6 in stock. 2 in white, 2 in black, and 1 in "Tiffany" blue. SS is sold out, I update what's available after each sale so there's no need to ask if I still have one. If it's still listed here in stock I have it.
They come in the box, with a wide bore tip, and a 510 drip tip adapter. (and the obligatory extra o-rings, screws, and infamous blue screwdriver)
Common question is what's the difference between this, the Mini, and the normal Velocity. Answer is, not much. Everything is the same besides height. The Velocity RDA is 46mm long, and the Mini Velocity is 40mm long. Deck size, width, everything else is the same.
Shoutout podt I got from someone who ordered one of these -- Mini Setup. D2 + VelocityMini
Fishbone RDA ($15) http://imgur.com/a/ZSlFQ#0 Brand new.
I have 20+ of these in stock, orders for more then one get 20% off the additional, so 2 would cost $28 not $30. It's not black Friday but it's something to be nice.
These are just f---ing awesome, I love them. They look sweet, they vape great, easy to build, everything. They are the first RDA I've seen with a fully clear top, I've always wanted something like this. Anyways, they are pretty new to the market. One thing I personally like about them is the bottom fed airflow. There are 4 air holes, good sized so you can blow enormous clouds if you want to, and I personally think these give off really good flavor, whether it's because of the bottom fed airflow or not, I don't know why. Here is a stock photo of the bottom fed air holes
So they Come brand new in the box with an extra glass top cap too (seen in pics), so you get the deck, two glass tops, and the bag with extra o-rings screw ect ect..
Indulgence Mutation X V4 ($15) http://imgur.com/a/6RWCi#0
This is the only one I have for sale. I don't need to say much about these, they are super popular. Copper... 18 side air flows along with the multi-sized bottom air flows. Brand new.


The only used item - Kayfun Lite - ($13) http://imgur.com/a/UNaEc#0 Sorry but I'm not even 100% sure what version this is. I bought it new from someone off here a while ago and used it for about 2-3 months. It's a really good clone, and I'm not sure exactly which one it is, I think it's EHPro though.
I've had several Kayfuns in the past and this was the best one (besides my current one which is the Monster V2) and that's why I have no use for it anymore. Again, I figured it's better to get it to someone who will actually enjoy it and not collect dust with me, and none of my friends use tanks so I can't give it away.
I don't even know how much they go for on here so I'm just gonna ask $13 which I think is a pretty fair deal, it is used, but I"ll wash it out before it's sent. No box, but I will include the extra o-rings and seal it in a bag.
Monster Kayfun V2 ($35) http://imgur.com/a/xTqVq#0 I only have one of these left, it's brand new. This is what I use if I use a tank. Like I said above, I've gone through so many different Kayfuns over the last couple years I can't even count, and this is by far the winner.
First off, it looks badass, comes with the completely clear top (see my personal one in pics), half clear, and full stainless options to setup. Besides looks though, why it's the winner IMO, it has bigger airflow and juice channels than any other Kayfun so it hits kinda like a Fogger if you've ever tried one of them (they give off the better flavor and larger cloud production than most any other tank. Reason why I don't use a Fogger even though I love them, they are a complete bitch to build one... the absolute worst, I dreaded ever having to rebuild/wick it, and if the Fogger gets angled more than 10 degrees in any direction for longer then 5 seconds all hell breaks loose and juice is flooding everywhere. Ok, enough bashing the Fogger for now.)
Anyways, along with the larger airflow on the Monster V2, this thing never floods. Flooding was the thing I hated most about tanks in the past. Nothing worse then building it for 30 minutes, filling it up, ready to vape your favorite juice and it's a complete fail. I've never had any flooding issues whether it's on it's side or standing up. All in all, my favorite, and only tank I use.

Odds 'n' Ends

IMR 18650 3.7V 2k mAh Batteries ($?) http://i.imgur.com/uuLRV67.jpg I have 3 of these... one married pair which has been used only one time so I'd have to say they are "like new" but practically new, and 1 single which is brand new still has wrapper on it. As for price, I don't have any used for these so I don't really care about the price, as long as I'm not losing money with shipping costs price is up to you. If you vape with a tank or high ohms this would be a great add-on item if you bought something from me. I figured I'd post 'em for the hell of it and maybe someone else will make use of them instead of sitting around collecting dust with me.


Prices for the atomizers do not include shipping so you can pay what you want for how fast you want it. I always ship out orders same day as a bonus.
$3 for first class and $5 for priority
shipping is fully combined for multiple item orders so shipping is just one flat rate for you no matter how many you want.
If you have questions don't hesitate to ask, I'm on my PC all day so you'll get a response pretty fast. If you want more pictures of something or a pic of something specific feel free to ask too, I can do that, it's not a problem.
I accept a lot of payment options, although no one has ever used anything but paypal with me on here before. I'll take p.p. Amazon Payments, Bitcoin. Pay with Bitcoin for 10% off your whole order.
If you want to expedite you're order and make sure it gets shipped that day, make sure your shipping info is up to date on Paypal and send your payment to "[email protected]" please include what item(s) the payment is for in the comment area with your paypal payment, or PM me the items you want and the paypal e-mail you sent it from.
Same day shipping promise: If payment is sent by 3pm Central time, I guarantee it will be shipped out and in the mail that day. Most of the time, even if you send it over by 4pm it will be shipped that day, 3pm is just my personal promise/guarantee.
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Revolutionary Bacterias and Viruses Killer the Atomizer disinfection Machine COVID-19 Disinfection Services Foggers - It Came From the Continent This is just a brilliant decision!!! - YouTube Longray Basic ULV Fogger with Adjustable Flow & Flex-Hose

Foggers can damage furniture and fabric, and more importantly, fumes from foggers are harmful if inhaled. Be careful because high concentrations are also flammable and risky near gas or electric appliances. Other Reviews . 5 Best Augers & Post Hole Diggers for Sale. Commercial Products. October 16, 2020. by Roman Peysakhovich. 5 Best Bosch Jackhammers in 2020. Commercial Products. October 14 ... Recent Searches. 6mm (65). Nutrients (783) Twitter says Bitcoin hackers gained access to its 'internal systems and tools' [email protected] (Charles Davis) 7/16/2020 Event exceptions, school foggers, virtual state fair: News from around ... The estimated 24 million bitcoin market participants that use bitcoin primarily for illegal activity annually conduct around 36 million transactions with a value of around $72 billion. This is not an insignificant amount, with the total market cap of cryptocurrency currently at a little over $216 billion. THE PROBLEM. For large financial institutions, regulations and oversight are of paramount ... Mixers, tumblers, foggers and laundries are a big deal, and some of them actually advertise their services across the internet. Without an international coalition of regulators, banks, law enforcement agencies, and crypto exchanges, there is no way to stop a knowledgeable criminal from operating in the digital space. And, where Bitcoin allows for a certain amount of blockchain auditing ...

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Revolutionary Bacterias and Viruses Killer the Atomizer disinfection Machine

For purchases and operational training contact our team @ 978-612-6009 VOMA Trading and transport Services Inc. Clinton, Massachusetts By Ben Sartee. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue The AFM-NEO cleanroom foggers use high performance transonic piezoelectric ceramics to generate what is considered in its class an unmatched 1,25 m3 of pure fog per minute with 170ml of fog ... Our disinfecting foggers cover large and hard to reach areas with a safe and effective disinfectant solution. This quick process sanitizes jobsites and office spaces with a powerful, odorless and ... Parody of coffee commercials & penury