Overview of the 21 Bitcoin Computer

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Opinions on the 21 Bitcoin Computer

I saw this product for 150 on Amazon and their selling it for 40 on Ebay, is it worth it or too complicated?
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The 21 Bitcoin Computer is #1 seller in Amazon's "Servers" section

33 in Amazon's "Hot New Releases in Computers & Accessories" - http://www.amazon.com/gp/new-releases/electronics/541966/#2

EDIT: Rank #33 now, not #35 EDIT2: Moving up, rank #31
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21 Bitcoin Computer Pre-Orders Sold Out on Amazon

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Check out the 21 Bitcoin computer. It's gaining engineering traction.

What brought me to bitcoin was folks writing complex code and building interesting things with programmable money that was simply impossible before.
I just got my 21 computer in the mail and for all its failings as a terrible miner and expensive hardware, it's biggest win is worth the cost: Watching, learning and sharing code and ideas with bitcoin engineers. Writing apps on the 21 platform is fun and rewarding.
If you've dismissed the 21 machine, I recommend spending the $400, getting one . Join the engineering community experimenting and exploring what bitcoin can do.
NOTE: I'm neither employed/paid/endorsed by 21. I just stumbled into their community and liked the code created.
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[TUTORIAL] Turn your $35 Raspberry Pi into a 21 Bitcoin Computer! (original post deleted)

I noticed that ButtcoinEE deleted his own tutorial from here, and I liked the information provided, so I'm reposting it for others who may not have it saved.
I haven't tested his tutorial on my own RPI yet, but if anyone wants to give it a go, I can update this as needed.
Below is the post directly quoted from OP:
You get your brand new RPI and
curl https://install.21.co/bitcoin-computeinstall.sh | sudo bash 
Congratulations, you just saved $365. That's all there is to it.
Just want the python library and not the other stuff?
wget https://apt.21.co/pool/t/tw/two1_1.0.0-1_all.deb dkpg -i two1_1.0.0-1_all.deb 
This will work on any computer, or if you want you can extract it and just use the python library without installing.
Not an honest option, not everything works and I would be essentially forking. This is not an honest comparison, but it's closer!
You're posting directory dumps and talking about how easy it is to create your own 21 computer, yet don't know what a fork is? You just lost all credibility.
What is forking?
The software would need to be forked to work on whatever miner you attach to RPi. It's not plug and play bro and the nice folks at 21 Inc won't support your kludge.
From their code:
SupportedMiners = collections.OrderedDict([ ("rpi2miner", minerhal.RPi2Miner), ("cpuminer", minerhal.CpuMiner), ]) 
It's supported operation in the code supplied by the company.
That is not honest given that you cannot reproduce everything that the 21 Bitcoin Computer can do right now. You don't have the integrated framework. You would be doing something very different and that is not an honest comparison.
The script linked is literally what sets up the 21 Bitcoin Computer, it's identical in software in every way.
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The 21 Bitcoin Computer: Now Shipping

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Ryan Walker: The 21 Bitcoin Computer is a Gamechanger

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Intel IT Center: "The @21 Bitcoin Computer hints at possible widespread currency adoption"

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Looks like the 21 Bitcoin Computers have started shipping!

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21 Bitcoin Computer: Criticisms and Defenses: Ask Me Anything

I will defend the 21 Bitcoin Computer against all criticisms. Ask Me Anything. I am not related to the company in any way
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Antminer releases their 21 Bitcoin Computer clone for $29, still nobody wants to buy it.

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Whatever happened to "The 21 Bitcoin Computer"?

IIRC, 21 INC's Bitcoin computer launched to much fanfare a year back. How has the progress been? What are some of the cool things people are building with it?
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RE: 21 Bitcoin Computer and preloading bitcoin instead of mining

Why the mining chip when it's apparently cheapeeasier to preload some bitcoin?
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Amazon has tweeted about the 21inc bitcoin Computer: "Mine Bitcoin instantly with the 21 Bitcoin Computer, available exclusively on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1MoYoay "

Here is the link: https://twitter.com/amazon/status/646525646320070656
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The 21 Bitcoin Computer is now the #1 Amazon Best Seller in Computer Servers

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If I were to buy a 21 bitcoin computer off ebay or something, would it still function?

Title. I head that 21.co shut down, and I am really interested in the 21 computer just for fun. Would It still work?
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21 Bitcoin Computer owners, what have you been up to?

Just curious about the state of development on 21inc applications, since it's been more than a month since release.
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Tested, step-by-step tutorial to run a 21 Bitcoin Computer as a virtual machine

Many thanks to ButtcoinEE and ecafyelims for initial pointers, but if I understood correctly, both users said they hadn't actually tried it themselves. So here comes a tutorial based on something I actually tried. Best of all: You don't even need a Raspberry Pi! We'll run it as a virtual machine.
The first step is to get a Debian 8 (Jessie) installation up and running. You might want to install that inside a VMWare/Virtualbox machine. I'll be using Vagrant here ( https://www.vagrantup.com/ ) which makes it easy to manage virtual machines like that and already has a Debian 8 image in the catalog. So get Vagrant for your platform and then do something like this:
vagrant init ARTACK/debian-jessie vagrant up 
You should now be able to SSH into the machine:
vagrant ssh 
Now that we have a Debian up and running, let's first get some packages we'll need later:
sudo su # become root apt-get update apt-get upgrade apt-get install apt-transport-https git cython3 python3-setuptools 
Add the 21 Debian repository:
echo "deb https://apt.21.co stable main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/twentyone.list apt-get update 
It'll complain about a missing GPG key, but you can just ignore that.
We should be able to do 'apt-get install two1' now, but it complains about a missing package 'python3-sha256'. The reason for that is probably, that we are doing this on a x86 architecture, where the packages are slightly different than the Raspberry Pi's ARM architecture. So we'll just manually install the package and have it ignore the dependency errors:
aptitude download two1 dpkg -i two1_1.0.0-1_all.deb 
Now let it try to fetch as many of the dependencies as possible:
apt-get -f install 
And try to install again (had to do this again, not sure why):
dpkg -i two1_1.0.0-1_all.deb 
The 21 binary should now be available:
which 21 # => /usbin/21 
Before we can run it, we'll need that missing python-256 package. We can install it manually from https://github.com/cloudtools/sha256 :
git clone https://github.com/cloudtools/sha256.git cd sha256 python3 setup.py sdist python3 setup.py install 
Now try to get a status report via the 21 tool:
21 status 
If everything worked out, you should see something like:
You do not have a Bitcoin wallet configured. Let's create one. Press any key ... 
and will also be asked to pick a username for a 21.co account.
All 21 Bitcoin computers are networked together into a VPN using the tool ZeroTier ( https://www.zerotier.com ). Let's also set that up:
wget https://download.zerotier.com/dist/zerotier-one_1.1.0_amd64.deb dpkg -i zerotier-one_1.1.0_amd64.deb 
We'll have to extract the credentials for the specific network they use from 21's zerotier package:
mkdir credentials cd credentials wget https://apt.21.co/pool/z/ze/zerotier-one_1.1.0-1_armhf.deb ar x zerotier-one_1.1.0-1_armhf.deb tar xf data.tar.xz cp valib/zerotier-one/updates.d/ZeroTierOneInstaller-linux-armv6l-1_1_0 /valib/zerotier-one/updates.d/ 
Before we join the network, we need to lock down our machine. That's actually a bit tricky, as these Vagrant images aren't really designed with security in mind, but rather only to be used for local testing. I think it should be enough to do:
passwd vagrant rm /home/vagrant/.ssh/authorized_keys 
Note that you won't be able to use 'vagrant ssh' any longer afterwards, as we just deleted the standard Vagrant key-based login. You'll have to use 'ssh [email protected]' instead. Now we are ready to join the network:
wget https://gist.githubusercontent.com/balajis/6d495bb40fb157a58677/raw/21-join.py python3 21-join.py python3 21-join.py # might have to try this twice as well ifconfig zt0 # will show your new IP within the VPN 
The 21 tools have a concept of both an on-chain balance and an off-chain balance - the latter being managed by 21's server. You can deposit to your on-chain balance, but currently the only way to increase the off-chain balance is by mining or by receiving payments from others. Without the mining chip it's therefore a bit tricky to increase that off-chain balance. I hear that a feature request is being considered, to allow moving funds from on-chain to off-chain.
That's all! If you want to give it a shot, you should probably move fast, as 21 has some DRM in the works, as per this comment: https://www.reddit.com/Bitcoin/comments/3tnjz7/tutorial_turn_your_35_raspberry_pi_into_a_21/cx7tih3 .
This was brought to you by https://coinado.io/ - cloud torrenting for command line fans. Check us out - we are also big on micropayments! ;-)
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Why don't bitcoin enthusiasts see this 21 bitcoin computer thing as a complete joke?

I'm really shocked. All critical thought has gone out the window.
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Mining (And Learning) With The 21 Bitcoin Computer

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The 21 Bitcoin Computer: Now Shipping

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What is the 21 Bitcoin Computer and should I get one?

Title says it all, I've kept my ear to bitcoin. I even have a mere 15-20$ in bitcoins depending on which way bitcoin is swinging this weekend. I'd like to know what this means for Bitcoin and should I get one? I've gone to the website for the computer but I'd like to know. What does this mean? Is it a step forward? should I get one? Or should I tread with major caution?
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30 Days of Bitcoin - YouTube Can the Google Quantum Computer Hack Bitcoin? How To Mine Bitcoin With Laptop -Easiest Way- - YouTube Intro to 21.co - Part 1 - Install the Software 21 Bitcoin Computer Unboxing

21 Inc ist der Schöpfer des 21 Bitcoin Computers. 21 Inc über die Pläne der automatisierten Machine to Machine Bitcoin-Zahlung. Schon bald sollen unsere Computer eigenständig Zahlungen tätigen. Der 21 Bitcoin Computer kam in einer sehr schönen Blackbox mit einer 21 an. Es mag eine gute Wahl sein, nur um zu sehen, wie Mining funktioniert, aber wie bei den meisten USB-Minern: Das Programm, mit dem die Minenarbeiter für das Bitcoin-Protokoll gestimmt haben, wird als getrennter Zeuge oder SegWit bezeichnet. Das bedeutet, dass die übergeordnete Bitcoin-Blockchain Sidechains erzeugen ... A few days ago a $400 charge hit my credit card and Amazon notified me that my 21.co bitcoin computer was on its way. Essentially a Raspberry Pi connected with a custom bitcoin-mining ASIC and a ... 21 Bitcoin Computer vs Bitcoin Miners. 21 Bitcoin Computer Hash Rate: 50 GH/s at 0.16 J/GH; Current Bitcoin Difficulty: 79102380900.22600000 (last updated 12/17/2015) Estimated Bitcoin Mined Per Day: 0.00031789; The 21 bitcoin computer is a terribly inefficient bitcoin miner, at $400 per device the hash is 10 times more expensive than other ...

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