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InfiniteHash is hiring a Design Engineer to join our team. Compensation is great, along with benefits.

InfiniteHash is hiring in the following fields.
Design Engineer needed for ASIC related projects
· The candidate will be responsible for co-coordinating our design team, overseeing integration and testing of new proprietary ASIC technologies.
· Design PCB’s and assist in component implementation design.
Note: We are not only a SHA256 based ASIC design team.
Our Ideal candidate must have a great technical aptitude and be able to think outside of the box. Communication skills and ability to work in a team environment are a must.
The technical requirements for this position are as follows.
· Should be well versed with synthesis and timing closure flows and concepts. Proficient in RTL design using Verilog and also in verification languages. (Altium etc)
· Experience in deep-submicron ASIC design at 28 nm or less (20nm,16nm FINfet) plus experience with high speed RTL block design in excess of 800 MHz and proficiency in techniques for distributed power implementation (high, medium low).
· Must have experience with the complete physical design flow and be able to adapt and integrate existing technologies to our custom hardware applications. · Be able to provide detailed technical documentation of processes.
Note: You would not be the lead engineer on any projects, however, we distribute our work well and it would be easy to work on multiple tasks at the same time.
The reason why we are deciding to hire from within the community rather than outsourcing our jobs, is because we believe that the Reddit Community played a large role in the development of Bitcoin. If anyone feels as though they can meet these parameters, and also, is someone who is able to work long hours, for a very high risk, yet substantially greater high reward scenario, this position is for you. I have spent 12 months of research to get us where we are today, and am proud of what we have accomplished though most of it is behind closed doors, once we are prepared to let the public know what it is exactly we are doing, a press release will follow. As far as compensation goes, we are well funded and this allows us to spend our resources on what matters.
Thank you for all of your time and considerations, with the utmost respect to all, sincerely,
Adeel Anwar
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KnCMiner will today announce Neptune, its next-generation product: an ASIC bitcoin miner using 20nm chips that will provide at least 3TH of power. The new boxes, which will ship “end of winter ... Innosilicon Terminator 2 (T2) Miner es un nuevo minero ASIC SHA256 para minar Bitcoin (BTC) y otras monedas criptográficas utilizando el mismo algoritmo que utiliza el proceso de producción de 10nm para los chips de cálculo dentro del dispositivo. No es el primer minero ASIC que utiliza el proceso de 10 nm, pero parece que […] Bitmain Antminer T9+ 10.5TH/s @ .097W/GH 16nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner Include Bitmain. SHA256 Mining Hash Rate: 10.5TH / s ± 10%, lower power consumption than old s9) Power consumption: 1430W ± 10%, include Bitmain Antminer APW3++ PSU and power cord; Built-in Web Management Portal – No separate host computer or software required ; Most Power Efficient Bitcoin Miner: 0,098 J / GH ± 7%; Most ... KnCMiner says it has finalized the design of what should be the world’s first 20nm bitcoin ASIC miner. The company is still not saying much about the upcoming ASIC or the rollout schedule, it merely states that the ‘tape-out’ was achieved only three months after starting the project. The actual tape-out happened sometime in February. However, as the next ASIC iteration (20nm) catches up with the state-of-the-art in chip manufacturing process, the exponential trend in hash rate is set to level off. The Block-chain. At the center of the Bitcoin network is a decentralized ledger that contains the balance of every Bitcoin user. Bitcoin identifies users by large strings of ...

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ASICminer Block Erupter Unboxing and Setup

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