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[FOR HIRE] Web developer with electrical engineering background. PHP + CodeIgniter + Datamapper ORM + JavaScript + HTML + CSS

My website:
I have experience in the following areas of development:
For an overview of my work, please visit my website. Happy to provide backend code on request to demonstrate programming ability.
I also make regular visits to the following blogs: Coding Horror, Hack A Day, Ycombinator News, Slashdot, Metafilter, PSFK, DailyJS, Geekologie, CleanTechnica, CodeIgniter Blog, .net Magazine, WIRED, MAKE, Phil Sturgeon, FastCompany, and TechMeme.
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And videos @: TED, TWIT, & FLOSS
And books by: Gary Vaynerchuk, Neal Stephenson, and Jason Fried
Note: @liam2317 in the below comments notified me that Avast! appears to be flagging my site as Malicious :( I've reached out to them about this false positive. In the meantime, I can assure you it's clean: 1 2 3
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11 - Codeigniter install bootstrap - تنصيب البوتسبراب CI-Chapter 5- Remove index.php from URL 3 - Removing index.php using .htaccess on codeigniter codeigniter 3 base URL lesson 6 Membuat URL SEO Friendly Dengan CodeIgniter

Посмотрите другие вопросы с метками redirect.htaccess php codeigniter или задайте свой вопрос. Важное на Мете An Update On Creative Commons Licensing A .htaccess file, like others have said, is something a part of the apache software - it just isn't a thing in IIS. You didn't say what you wanted to do in the .htaccess and there isn't a direct equivalent in IIS but there are useful options in the IIS Manager. In CodeIgniter project the index.php file will be included in your URLs by default. However, we would want to remove index.php from our URL to make it look clean as well as make it SEO friendly. We can achieve this with following 2 simple steps : Step 1: Create .htaccess file in root directory with […] Codeigniter .htaccess; redirect-index-php-in-codeigniter; share follow edited May 23 '17 at 12:10. Community ♦ 1 1 1 silver badge. answered Feb 9 '13 at 2:49. Velja Matic Velja Matic. 541 4 4 silver badges 15 15 bronze badges. Claim that not many things can go wrong is generally true on Windows. On Linux things may go wrong for other reasons (same may apply to some versions of Windows ... Namun masih belum dapat stabil karena user masih bisa mengakses website tersebut tanpa https. Akhirnya saya menemukan solusi untuk menggunakan redirect http menjadi https melalui .htaccess. Berikut cara meredirect http menjadi https pada CodeIgniter melalui .htaccess..htaccess saya sebelumnya adalah sebagai berikut:

[index] [20210] [7591] [32309] [48217] [16561] [16598] [34438] [3086] [2960] [8509]

11 - Codeigniter install bootstrap - تنصيب البوتسبراب

This Video is part of a Tutorial playlist. Watch the Playlist to know the chronological order of each discussion in the tutorial. PLAYLIST: https://www.youtu... Agregar htaccess y remover el archivo index.php Para descargar Codeigniter 3 necesitamos ir a la página oficial Descargar proyecto: ... Membuat URL SEO Friendly Dengan CodeIgniter. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. Loading... Close. This video is unavailable. ... Make SEO Friendly or Clean Url in PHP using .htaccess - Duration: 18 ... This tutorial will show you how to remove index.php on your codeigniter application using .htaccess For more basic tutorials please subscribe to this channel or visit Membuat .htaccess untuk Menghilangkan Index php di Codeigniter untuk Memperbaiki SEO dan URL Routing Video Lain : Persiapan Belajar Framework Codeigniter Unt...